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Gov't Evacuates 31 Bahrainis Stranded in Iran One Day after Being Hosted by Qatar

2020-03-30 - 9:04 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini authorities have evacuated 31 citizens stranded in Iran, who went at their own expense to Qatar, trying to return to the country on multiple flights.

Eyewitnesses said that the 31 Bahrainis were evacuated on (Sunday, March 29, 2020), on board an Iranian Kish airlines flight, noting that the plane was chartered at the expense of the Bahraini government.

The Bahraini Ministry of Health said that citizens stranded in Doha, who came from Iran, arrived in the country "on a chartered plane in accordance with the medical precautionary measures."

The Bahraini authorities' refusal to return Bahrainis home forced them to stay in Qatar. Meanwhile, the Qatari authorities announced that they will provide Bahrainis with accommodation and medical care until they are allowed to return to Bahrain.

The Qatari foreign ministry said Bahrain had rejected an offer to fly the Bahraini citizens on a private charter flight to Bahrain at no expense to the individuals or the government of Bahrain.

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