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New Death Case among Bahrainis Stranded in Mashhad

2020-03-28 - 9:54 p

Bahrain Mirror: Activists announced the death of Mulla Mohsen Jouma'a Al Jadid (from Al-Salihiya). Mulla Mohsen is among the Bahrainis stranded in Mashhad whom the Bahraini government delay to evacuate.

Mulla Mohsen is the seventh death case among the stranded citizens in Iran. He died after being transferred to the hospital after he ran out of medication and his return to Bahrain was delayed.

Al-Wefaq Society announced yesterday the sixth death case among those stranded in Mashhad, but didn't reveal the name. However, one of the tweeters said that the deceased is a woman from Sitra.

According to a statistic prepared by Al-Wefaq, Bahrainis in Iran have exceeded 2,000 citizens. One batch was evacuated on an Omani Peace Airlines flight. Meanwhile, dozens have returned themselves through Doha to Muscat and then to Bahrain.

After the first batch arrived in the country, the Ministry of Health announced that more than 77 people on board had been infected.

Stranded Bahrainis in Iran complain of running out of money and medicine (many of whom suffer from chronic diseases), in the absence of adequate health care due to the enormous pressure on health services in Iran. Bahrainis being stranded in Iran puts them at risk and death possibility, activists say.

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