Bahrain Mirror: We’re the Sons of Abdul Qais, Who are You?

2019-08-03 - 3:55 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): It is not the country's indigenous people who are to be told to choose between acquiescing to a corrupt, despotic political system or to emigrate to Iran, Qatar or elsewhere. It is not the people of the country who have to emigrate or leave their land carved by the history of their ancestors and in which the roots of their origins extend to the tribe of Abdul Qais, thousands of years ago. On the contrary, the invader, the regime, should admit that they are the intruders and restore the esteem of the people of this land, or go back from where they came. Otherwise, there will be no rest or joy for them, and they will continue to pay the price of its tyranny and sectarianism. No matter how far the oppression machine goes, and how much it can stretch its hand of force, the flesh of the descendants of Abdul Qais will remain bitter to them, and their bones will remain a thorn in their throat.

We are the children of Abdul Qais. We are this land. We are its origin and history and the pride of Awal (Bahrain). We are the ones who made its history, glories and civilization. We are the ones who knew the palms of this land until we became an example of the original relationship with palm trees. Emigration is not for us. We knew urbanization when the tribes of the Arabian Peninsula were living as Bedouins in their conflicts and wars. Emigration may appeal to the sons of those tribes, who used to fault the people of Bahrain for their civilization and occupation with agriculture and the sea.

We are the children of Abdul Qais. Our souls mirror the soil of this land. This is only a brief about us, but who are you? Who are you, O bandits and invaders, who have looted, stole, murdered and took over? How strange this time is that the bandits want to open the way for the emigration of the sons of Abdul Qais?! Who are you, O nobodies of history? How is the scum of the earth dictating the choices of the sons of the glory of this land! What you are but sectarian dirt!

But it's all right. How short lives and reigns are in history! Hatred only destroys those who nurture it. The scum will burn with its tyranny and Bahrainis will remain standing.


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