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Sitra Society Gathers 10 Tons of Used Materials to Recycle

2019-07-25 - 4:33 p

Bahrain Mirror: Sitra Society gathered 10 tons of used clothes, iron and paper in Wadiyan village, one of Sitra's six villages, by contacting with a cleaning company and participation of 10 members of the society last Friday.

Mohammad Dawoud Al Tok, who is in charge of the campaign, said that the aim of the campaign is to collect these used clothes, stationery and iron, sell them and give the money to help needy families, widows and divorcees. He praised the cooperation of the parents in the success of the campaign, thanking the media committee for urging people to donate and not throw old materials into the streets as long as there is an opportunity to take advantage of them, whether by selling or recycling them, noting the importance of working to move this event to other villages.

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