Turkish Nationals Tried for Attempting to Travel from Bahrain to Britain with Forged Passports

2019-06-26 - 12:35 am

Bahrain Mirror: The first high criminal court decided to adjourn the case of two Turkish nationals accused of attempting to travel through Bahrain International Airport to Britain with forged passports and visas until July 9 to hear the statements of two Bahrain airport employees on the incident.

A Bahrain Airport Services Company employee reported that the first defendant appeared at the British Airways counter and gave her his passport to complete travel procedures to Britain. However, she noticed that the passport felt different. She checked the visa and found that the stamp was not original, so she informed the officials at the airport.

The second defendant came to the employee and presented his passport on the same flight. The employee noticed that the visa for entry into Britain was for only seven months and suspected it was forged, so he informed the supervisor.

The first defendant said during his interrogation that he wanted to travel to Britain, so he met with an Iranian national in Turkey who helped him forge a passport and visa and told him to go to Bahrain first where he could travel to Britain without any suspicion since the procedures are easier, he said.

The second defendant's statement was identical to that of the first defendant.

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