Ahead of Deal of Century, Bahrainis Denounce it as “Shameful Act”

2019-06-25 - 5:19 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The US-led deal of the century is being held in Manama today (June 25, 2019), in the presence of Israel and participation of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Morocco, amid the boycott of Palestine, Syria, Libya, Qatar, Lebanon, Iraq and Kuwait.

The civil society parties in Kuwait voiced their rejection of this workshop, and in Jordan hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets, while the Arab peoples whose governments are participating in this workshop expressed how ashamed they feel. As for Bahrainis, their shame id doubled, since this act of betrayal is being held in the heart of their homeland. The Bahraini people announced their complete opposition to this workshop. They replaced their (profile) photos on social media with the Palestinian flag or the Palestinian keffiyeh and their social media pages featured posts of solidarity with the hashtags, #Palestine_not_for_Sale and #No_to_Deal_of_Century.

On their personal social media accounts, Bahrainis posted the following statement in solidarity with the Palestinian people: "I (...) of Bahraini nationality, having fondness for Palestine and adherence to Arabism, strongly reject normalization with the usurper enemy entity, and consider the establishment of a peace workshop for prosperity or participating in it an act of betrayal towards the Palestinian people. I renounce this shameful act, and those who held and supported it," with #Bahrainis_against_Normalization hashtag.

Bahraini artist Khalid Al-Hashimi, known for his critical sarcastic caricatures, published a caricature, where he put together the "Al-Obed" character, which has been his graphic icon since 20 years ago, depicting the situation of the poor Bahraini citizen, who is burdened with worries, along with his Hanzala, the most famous character of the Palestinian cartoonist Naji Al-Ali, who became a symbol of the Palestinian identity. Khalid Al-Hashemi drew "Al-Obed" holding "Hanzala's" hand and the Palestinian flag with his other hand.

Al-Hashemi's caricature topped the pages of Bahrainis on social media. They found that it strongly reflects their attitude towards how the government failed the Palestinian cause.

The Bahraini initiative against normalization with the Zionist enemy called for raising the Palestinian flag atop roofs during the workshop held in Manama on June 25 and 26. This call was widely met, circulated and mobilized for.

كاريكتير الهاشمي

The national initiative against normalization announced holding a seminar on June 25, at 8 PM, at the Bahrain Girl Empowerment Society headquarters, entitled "Critical Reading in the Peace workshop and the role of Bahraini civil society in supporting the Palestinian economy". However, the organizing party said "at the request of the concerned authorities of the hosting society, we inform you of the cancellation of the seminar". It seems that orders from higher authorities prevented the seminar from taking place.

The Bahraini government continues to disregard the popular position and turn a deaf ear to it, flouting the people's stance of support of the Palestinian cause, in exchange for shamefully achieving Washington's content along with its allies, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi.


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