Case of 3 Bahraini Businessmen Accused of Assaulting Egyptian Advisor Adjourned until July 7

Egyptian advisor Yasser Al-Attar screaming at Shiite businessmen
Egyptian advisor Yasser Al-Attar screaming at Shiite businessmen

2019-06-25 - 9:12 p

Bahrain Mirror: The attorneys of the accused businessmen, including Nader Allawi, did not enter their closing plea on Monday (June 24, 2019) in the case in which their clients were accused of physically assaulting Egyptian national Yasser Al-Attar, legal advisor to the President of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry, despite the fact that the court granted them time to enter their pleas during yesterday's session. The court decided to adjourn the case for ruling until the July 7th court session.

The lawyers decided after the hearing that they will submit to the court tomorrow a written request to open the door again for entering their defense pleas in the case.

One of the businessmen confessed that he did in fact beat Egyptian lawyer Yasser Al-Attar at a Chamber of Commerce and Industry meeting in defense of his faith as a member of the Shiite community, after Al-Attar made offensive remarks and insulted followers of the Shiite faith. Another denied that he assaulted the aggrieved party, claiming that he interfered to resolve the quarrel between the suspect and others.

The other confirmed that he assaulted the victim hitting him on his shoulder, defending the ones that Al-Attar attacked.


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