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US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Attacks Saudi Crown Prince over Human Rights Violations

2019-04-24 - 9:23 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The British the "Daily Mail" newspaper said that US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib attacked Mohammed bin Salman in a Twitter rant on Tuesday, accusing him of "torturing and executing children".

Tlaib hit out at the Crown Prince over the execution of Mujtaba Al-Sweikat, who was arrested last year for attending a pro-democracy rally in the country. 

"Saudi Arabia ruler Mohammed bin Salman tortures and executes children. Already this year, he has killed 100 people. At least 3 today were arrested as teenagers and tortured into false confessions. He killed them for attending protests!" Tlaib tweeted.

النائبة الأميركية رشيدة طليب تهاجم محمد بن سلمان في تغريدة على تويتر

The Detroit Free Press reported on Tuesday that Saudi Arabia announced Al-Sweikat was beheaded alongside 36 people.

Al-Sweikat was charged with armed disobedience against the king, as well as attacking, shooting and injuring security forces, civilians and passersby.

He was also accused of destroying public property, causing chaos and disrupting the peace, by participating in a terrorist cell, to make and deliver Molotov cocktails.

International human rights group Reprieve claimed Sweikat was severely beaten all over his body, including the soles of his feet, and convicted on the basis of a confession extracted through torture.

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