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Bloc of 11 MPs Rejects Normalization with Israel, Criticizes Participation in Warsaw Conference

2019-02-18 - 8:05 p

Bahrain Mirror: A bloc comprising 11 MPs issued a statement, expressing its strong opposition to Bahrain's participation in the Warsaw Conference, which was attended by the Prime Minister of the Zionist entity.

The bloc promised what it called the use of all constitutional instruments, rejecting all sorts of normalization.

The bloc included: Ammar Qambar, Ahmed Al-Damistani, Ahmed Salloum, Ahmed Al-Amer, Hamad Al-Kooheji, Zainab Abdulamir, Ali Ishaqi, Ammar Al Abbas, Fadel Al-Sawad, Mahmoud Al-Bahrani, and Hisham Al-Ashiri.

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