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Zeinab Maki's Arrest at Courtroom Leaves Her Children without Parental Care

2019-01-18 - 2:57 am

Bahrain Mirror: The authorities arrested Zainab Maki Abbas Marhoum from the court's room on (January 15, 2019) to spend the remaining one year of her sentence.

The judge of the Fourth High Criminal Court Bader Al-Abdullah issued on November 29, 2018, sentence against Zeinab and her husband and revoked their citizenships.

Zeinab Maki is considered the second woman on the list of Bahrainis stripped of their citizenships, after Mariam Al-Sayed Ibrahim Hussein Rida, whose nationality was revoked in 2012. Zeinab's husband was sentenced to 7 years in jail.

The security authorities arrested Zeinab from her home in Karzakan in 2017. She was tortured and arrested at the notorious Isa Town Women's Prison. His father was also beaten and humiliated by security forces.

Zeinab is a mother of 2 children, Mohammad and Amir. She doesn't know the fate awaiting her after completing her sentence, since she is deprived of her citizenship and needs complicated measures to remain with her children. 

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