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Fawzia Zeinal Wins House of Representatives Presidency, Salman Wins as First Deputy and Zayed as Second Deputy

2018-12-14 - 7:48 p

Bahrain Mirror: Fawzia Zeinal, backed by the Royal Court and the Supreme Council for Women, won the post of Speaker of the Bahraini House of Representatives after winning the election over her rivals Adel Al-Assoumi and Issa Al-Kooheji, to become the first Bahraini woman to preside over the House.

For the first time as well, Zeinal enters the Parliament. She had ran twice in the elections, before winning the last time, representing the fifth constituency in the southern province in the first round.

MP Abdul Nabi Salman won the post of First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives just before the first procedural session. Salman managed to win after he competed in a second round with MP Ahmad Al-Salloum. He won 24 votes against 16 votes in favor of Al-Salloum. MPs Ghazi Al Rahma and Fadel Al-Sawad were eliminated in the first round.

Abdul Nabi Salman is a member of the Progressive Tribune Society, a candidate on its list called "Progress". He won in the 6th constituency in the Northern Governorate in the first round of elections. He was also a former MP from 2002 to 2006.

MP Ali Zayed also won the position of second deputy speaker of the House of Representatives by acclamation at the first procedural session of the Council, which is currently convened.

Ali Zayed is a member of the Asala Society and a former MP between 2010 and 2014.


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