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Government Dropped over 1500 Citizens from Sitra Voters’ List

2018-11-07 - 10:22 p

Bahrain Mirror: Number of voters in the eighth directorate in the capital governorate (Sitra) dropped by 1571 voters compared to that in 2014. However, the number of voters is supposed to increase as youth have reached legal age to participate in elections and due to adding the new housing compound in Al-Nabih Saleh to the directorate.

The decrease in number of voters refers to the authorities' tendency to drop the name of voters who didn't vote in the previous elections, in addition to preventing those joining dissolved opposing political societies from their political rights.

Majid Al-Asfour, candidate for the directorate, said that the number of voters should increase by at least 300, calling on the governmental parties to exert more pressure in future to register all citizens in the directorate in the voters' lists.

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