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3 Female Political Detainees in Isa Town Prison Start Hunger Strike Demanding Enhancement of Detention Conditions

2018-10-17 - 9:53 p

Bahrain Mirror: Three Bahraini political detainees started hunger strike demanding the enhancement of their detention conditions.

Human rights activist Ibtisam Al-Saegh said that Hajar Mansour, Madina Ali and Najah Al-Sheikh who are imprisoned in Isa Town Women's Detention Center launched on Sunday (October 14, 2018) a hunger strike and they were held in the prison's clinic and isolated from other prisoners.

She added that 4 days have passed on the hunger strike amid absolute ignorance from the prison's administration.

Al-Saegh said she received a call from the women's prison and stated that the hunger strikers are demanding the removal of barrier during visits, allowing them to meet their children, opening the doors of cells that are closed for 23 hours, giving them special time for sunbathing in prison's yard, noting that the time should not interfere with prayer, respecting their right to make phone calls (3 calls within a week) with a commitment to their right to privacy.

"Their health situation has become very poor, as their blood sugar rate became low. Meanwhile, doctor of detainees Hajar and Madina warned that there is possibility that they suffer from cramping at any moment. Besides, Najah entered in the drought phase," the activist stated.

The detainees declared that they will not receive treatment until their demands are met. Al-Saegh said "their choice of hunger strike came as a result of poor humanitarian conditions and failure of prison administration to respond to their demands."

She pointed out that the detainees "are not allowed to hold prayers, take bath or call their families because the medical clinic is not equipped for residence", pointing out that "subjecting them to constant surveillance by the camera, make them feel that their decency is violated", she said

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