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Photographer Hussain Hubail Released after 5 Years of Arrest over "Tamarod" Case

Hussain Hubail
Hussain Hubail

2018-09-17 - 5:05 am

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: The security authorities released today Bahraini photographer Hussain Hubail (26 years) after spending 5 years in jail after being accused of being a member in "February 14 Media Network" and a member in what was known as "Bahrain Tamarod" that tried to call for participation in protests similar to the Egyptian Tamarod movement in 2013.

Hubail was also charged with "inciting hatred against the regime" and "communicating with Bahraini opposition in exile". He was arrested on July 31, 2013 and tortured. Hussain was sentenced to 5 years in prison in April 2014. His health severely deteriorated in prison as he discovered that he suffers from a disease in the heart. This increased the calls and media campaigns to pressure in order to release Hubail or provide him with treatment.

The authorities had launched a widespread campaign against media people and photographers on the background of political movements known as "Tamarod" that aimed at organizing wide protests on the anniversary of the independence on August 14, 2013, which the government doesn't recognize.

The photos captured by Hubail for Bahrain's protests were widely circulated and shed the light on him. International and local organizations, including "Reporters without Borders" and "International Federation of Journalists" considered that the only reason behind his arrest was his free media work.

Hubail was awarded a photography prize by the independent newspaper Al-Wasat. His works have been published by several news agencies and world newspapers through which he covered the tear gas used by the mercenary against protestors.

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