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Tweet Shows that Yusuf Al-Binkhalil May Be One of “Na’eb Ta’eb” Twitter Account Managers

2018-07-21 - 9:08 p

Bahrain Mirror: A tweet posted by "Na'eb Ta'eb" Twitter account showed that the Editor-in-Chief of Bahrain's "Al-Watan" newspaper Yusuf Al-Binkhalil may be one of those managing the account.

The account posted a tweet stating "the wolf has just called me on 39427242", noting that this is Al-Binkhalil's mobile phone number, before he deleted the tweet and wrote "the account has been attempted to be hacked".

It is not known whether the tweet was posted by mistake by the manager of the account or is it a deception that aims at sending a particular message in the framework of conflict of wings challenging on authority.

Al-Binkhalil's name has been already mentioned in the war between Twitter accounts affiliated with the royal court and those affiliated with the Prime Minister's court.

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