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Bahrain: More than 3 Years after her Birth, Opposition Leader’s Daughter Still Deprived of her Nationality!

2018-04-11 - 2:05 am

Bahrain Mirror: The family of imprisoned opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman continues to suffer from the authorities' refusal to issue a passport and identity card for Sarah, Salman's daughter, who was born days before his arrest.

The authorities arrested Sheikh Ali Salman on December 28, 2014, about 40 days after the birth of his daughter, Sarah, and before issuing any identification papers for her.

The authorities are cracking down on the families of prisoners, especially opposition figures and political leaders in all possible ways.

"For what fault has Sarah, Sheikh Ali Salman's daughter, who is over three years old been deprived as the authorities are still refusing to issue a passport and a residency card for her, without which she cannot travel, register in kindergartens, go to schools and receive government health care," stressed senior opposition leader Ebrahim Sharif on his Twitter account.

"The beautiful girl Sarah will be asked when she grows up: For what fault was she deprived of her rights to citizenship," he added.


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