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Interior Ministry Announces Al-Shorouki’s Arrest and others Accused of Spreading “Offensive and Inflammatory” Speech via Twitter

2018-04-01 - 2:52 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Ministry of Interior announced the arrest of anchor Mohammed Al-Shorouki and published his photo along with a group of five others, who according to the Ministry have created accounts that are offensive to certain people and deemed inflammatory.

"According to the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and in compliance with the instructions of the Minister of the Interior, which requires strict measures to address the online chaos caused by some violating social media accounts, the head of the General Directorate of Anti-Corruption and Economic and Electronic Security announced that five people, suspected of involvement in the establishment of malicious accounts and publication of tweets offensive to some persons, as well as inflammatory and seditious." said Bassam Al-Maraj, Director General of the Anti-Corruption and Economic and Electronic Security General Directorate.

The following detainees were identified in the statement: Abdulaziz Salah Abdulaziz Al-Shamri (government employee), Mohammed Abdullah Salem Ahmed Al-Sharqawi (government employee), Abdulaziz Mohammed Matar Jasim Al-Shawesh (government employee), Dhafer Hamad Fahd Khamis Al-Zayani (unemployed), and Ahmad Abdullah Mohammed Khalil Al-Binkhail (Private sector employee).

According to the statement, "the investigations indicated that some of them created these accounts on Twitter and posted offensive tweets, while others provided the account owners with information and assistance in publishing them, pointing out that the detainees and the confiscated devices were referred to the Public Prosecutor's Office, while investigations are still underway to arrest the rest of those involved in these incidents."

Bassam Al-Maraj also warned that "the names and photographs of all those involved in committing such crimes, which target the core of civil peace and societal fabric, will be published."


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