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Bahrain: 14 Citizens Arrested in Vast Security Campaign in Al-Shakhoura and Abu Saiba at Dawn

2018-03-26 - 5:28 p

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: Bahraini security authorities affiliated to ministry of interior launched a wide campaign today at dawn in Abu Saiba, Al-Shakhoura and nearby villages, arresting at least 14 citizens.

Activists confirmed that the security forces raided today (Saturday, March 24, 2018) at dawn a large number of houses in Abu Saiba and Al-Shakhoura villages which led to vandalizing contents of some houses. The campaign led to the arrest of each of "Ibrahim Nizar Al-Saghir, Jassim Mohammad Ali, Sayed Montazar Sayed Jaafar, Sayed Ahmad Al-Najjar, Ammar Abdulmajid, Mohammad Abbas, Hasan Salman Ahmad, Sayed Mohammad Sayed Rida, Hussein Mohammad Dawoud, Sayed Hussein Sayed Hashem, Hussein Mohammad Jaafar Al-Zaki, Hussein Jaafar Al-Asfour, Hassan Jaafar Al-Asfour and Ali Fardan".

The security authorities have been launching security campaign for 2 consecutive days on Diraz that is 100 meters away from Abu Saiba and Al-Shakoura, which led to the arrest of about 20 citizens, including children. Meanwhile, the interior ministry accused yesterday 7 of them of setting security patrol to fire two days ago.

It is still unknown whether the campaign that targeted citizens in Al-Shakhoura and Abu Saiba is related to that in Diraz. Activists fear that the authorities would raise charges of political background against the detainees.

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