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Activist: Testimonies on Officer Abdulaziz Al-Bakerís Involvement in Torture of Dissidents in National Security Agency HQ

2018-03-13 - 2:59 am

Bahrain Mirror: Prominent human rights activist Sayed Yousif Al-Muhafdah said that live testimonies had been received indicating the involvement of officer Abdulaziz Al-Baker in torturing opponents of the regime in the notorious National Security Agency (NSA) headquarters.

Al-Muhafdah said that the testimonies he received states that the officer tortured activists on the third floor of the NSA building in Muharraq, noting that he was wearing civilian clothing. Meanwhile, others said that he supervised their torture and interrogation on political issues.

The mention of the NSA came to the fore at the beginning of last year, after the restoration of his judicial powers by a royal decree. Dozens of prominent activists were reported to have been subjected to severe torture at the Muharraq NSA building, most notably lawyer Ibrahim Sarhan and rights activist Ebtisam Al-Sayegh.

A widespread human rights and media campaign entitled, the "Chambers of Death" led the Agency to somewhat cease its ongoing summoning and torturing of activists. However, it continues to play a significant role in extracting confessions from activists under torture for the purpose of fabricating charges against them.

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