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Hassan Al-Bahrani’s Body Found off Coast of Bushehr

2018-03-11 - 2:33 am

Bahrain Mirror: Reports confirmed on Friday (March 9, 2018) that the body of martyr Hassan Ali Al-Bahrani was found off the Iranian coast of Bushehr.

Hassan, along with the three martyrs, Maitham Mohammed, Sayed Qassim Sayed Khalil and Sayed Mahmoud Sayed Adel, fled Bahrain last February after being pursued by the security services for their political activity.

The bodies of the three martyrs were found by the Iranian Coast Guard in Gulf waters. A funeral procession was held for them in the Iranian city of Qom (February 23).

The opposition has speculated that their boat had been shot by the Bahraini coast guard or by pirates.

A member of Bahrain Society for Human Rights, Zainab Khamis, said his mother received a call confirming his body was found.

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