Five-Year and 1-Month Prison Term for Bahraini who Impersonated Police Officer to Commit Crimes

2018-03-09 - 4:55 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Fourth High Criminal Court in Bahrain sentenced a defendant (Bahraini citizen) to five years and one month in prison for impersonating a police officer, committing 8 crimes, including theft, kidnapping of a person, assaulting a female and sexually harassing another female victim.

The defendant met with the victim near a restaurant in Hamla. He was asked to enter the bus. He was with a woman he met through instagram and her relative, who told him to come and meet her on one of the buses, then the defendant suddenly started to beat him on the head and took him out of the bus.

He informed him that he was a police officer and took out a identification card that beared the Interior Ministry logo, and then took him to his vehicle and sat in the driver's seat and told him to sit next to him. He took his wallet and phone, transferred some personal pictures, including some of the victim's sister, to his phone and then went to an ATM. He then asked him to withdraw an amount of 100 dinars.

The defendant saw a photograph of a gold chain on Whatsapp of the victim's phone, so he asked for it. They headed together to his home, he gave it to him and then the defendant left.

Upon returning to the house, his sister told him that someone had harassed her by telephone and sent her a picture of herself, so the victim and his sister informed their father of what had happened. He contacted the defendant and invited him to come to his house. The latter responded to his request and came.

The defendant told the victim's father that he was a police officer and saved his son from some problems. The father asked him to show proof, so he took out the same card, and when he asked him about the withdrawal of 100 dinars and the gold chain, he promised to return them after the he receives his salary.


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