2&3-Year Jail Term Handed down to 5 Suspects Accused of Burning Tires on Budai Street

2018-02-27 - 10:03 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Fourth High Criminal Court issued 3-jail term against a suspect and 2-year jail term against 4 others over charges of arsoning and assembling on Al-Budai Street.

The authorities say that the suspects gathered at Al-Markh cemetery, transferred about 11 tires, 2 petrol bottles and number of Molotov and headed to Al-Budai Street. They put them in the place they agreed on, poured petrol on them, set them to fire and fled.

The authorities claim that they reached the suspects through "investigations of the attesting witness".

The Public Prosecution accused the 5 suspects of deliberately setting, along with other unknowns, on August 27, 2017, fire to tires, that would put people's lives and money to danger and taking part in an assembly of more than 5 persons in a public place, aiming at disrupting public peace, noting that they used violence to achieve the aim they gathered for. The prosecution also accused them of acquiring Molotov.

Since 2012, riot cases that go under the demonstrations and riot section of the penal code were adapted to apply to the terrorism law, if there were "terrorist" purposes behind them, such as attempted murder of a police officer, violating the provisions of law and endangering the lives of people and their properties, within the regime's framework of harshening penalties against protesters and activists.

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