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Al-Mahmoud: Talks Ended with Opposition and its Leaders Shouldn’t Run for Elections

2018-02-26 - 9:06 p

Bahrain Mirror: In an interview with Akhbar Al-Khaleej newspaper, the head of the National Unity Gathering, Abdullatif Al-Mahmood, commented on a new call for a new dialogue: "This is a talk that no longer has a place. Dialogues are over, and now the convoy is moving forward. There is no possibility of stopping the march and turning back. However, any will for reform should take the constitutional channels in society. There is the House of Representatives and the Shura Council as a legislative authority, and we have an open-minded leadership. We also have an executive authority that is communicative with the people and its doors are open. Therefore, there is no room to go back."

"Those who want dialogue should participate in the elections, because the regime did not rule out anyone except those who are prohibited by law, while the rest can enter, and the doors are open. For the king welcomes all groups of people in this nation, so does the Council of the Prime Minister and the Crown Prince Council. This is one of the attributes of the Kingdom of Bahrain and some Gulf states, as the leadership is not closed, but rather open to the masses," he added.

Regarding the bill passed by the House of Representatives denying the leadership and members of dissolved opposition political societies by virtue of a final decision the right to run in parliamentary elections, he said: "Leaders of the societies that joined the coup movement and took part in it should [decided] not to enter the next elections by themselves, because their actions were against the homeland. They should review their actions. It is not acceptable to have anyone who stood against the state and regime to take part in the elections, especially that their stance reached to the extent of a crime against the homeland. Whoever committed a crime against the homeland should apply to this bill, but by virtue of the law. It is now up to the Parliament to discuss the matter."

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