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Activist Khalil Al-Halwachi Suffers Clot Symptoms, Not Allowed to be Transferred to Hospital

2018-02-24 - 10:33 p

Bahrain Mirror: Deputy head of the European-Bahraini Organization for Human Rights (EBOHR) Fatima Al-Halwachi said that detained activist Khalil Al-Halwachi (who is sentenced to 10 years in prison) suffers from clot symptoms.

Al-Halwachi said that her father was not good when he called her on 20th of February and he stated that he is suffering clot symptoms.

She added that his voice was tired. Al-Halwachi told his daughter that he was not transferred to hospital and that he couldn't move his arm. He further stated that he feels numb and suffers from chest pain.

Fatima Al-Halwachi said that he father was transferred to Al-Qalaa hospital (Ministry of Interior), but he didn't receive medications. He was not allowed to be transferred to hospital to see specialized doctor.

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