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Al-Wefaq on 7th February 14 Anniversary: We Believe in Political Resolution, Can Achieve another 98.4%

2018-02-13 - 10:44 p

Bahrain Mirror: In a statement marking the seventh anniversary of the February 14, 2011 movement at the Pearl Roundabout, Bahrain's main opposition group, Al-Wefaq Society, said they managed as Bahrainis to "achieve 98.4% with our strong will, and we still have the same energy to carry on," referring to the anniversary of the vote on the National Action Charter on February 14, 2001, which ended the political crisis following the 1990s uprising.

Al-Wefaq launched the slogan "Our will is stronger" for this year, stressing that they "did not will not back down." "We are capable of achieving it again when there is a genuine, serious and comprehensive political project based on justice and democracy and the people being the source of all authorities."

Al-Wefaq confirmed in the statement that the movement and demand for rights and justice and building the state of law and institutions are all based on a national religious duty, which stems from the inherent belonging to Bahrain and eternal bond with the interests of Bahrain and all its people without exception.

The opposition group further stressed on its adherence to the peaceful option in their movement, considering it to be "a source of strength in the face of the machine of repression that will not change the course and movement of the people no matter how much the state's violence and terrorism intensifies."

Al-Wefaq, which was the country's largest political party until its dissolution by the authorities in 2016, said that national consensus and the building of a sound social contract is the only way out of the accumulated crises.

"Seven years of patience and perseverance guarantees an understanding of reality," Al-Wefaq added. "It is our conviction that dialogue and serious and equal negotiation, understanding and recognition of the other party is the only way out of the deadlock, which will lead to political partnership. Nothing will change that, neither the language of blood nor the language of weapons, not even in 100 years."

Al-Wefaq expressed that it fully believes that "a serious and comprehensive political resolution is capable of leading to solutions to all the crises and unresolved issues in the country."

"The deterioration of the economic and services-related conditions and all the country's problems can expand in length and width, which is a burden and responsibility we hold and which we believe needs to be overcome. An essential part of the accumulation of this failure is due to the fact that the authorities unilaterally govern the country and distance the people from any role."

The group also highlighted that "since 2011, our people have recorded the extent of the crises and problems created by the policies of the regime from chaos at all levels of the state and at all constitutional, legislative, administrative, economic, financial, developmental, political, human rights, humanitarian and social levels," adding that "the country is in constant deterioration and is always on the top of the list of negative ratings, which contributed to tarnishing Bahrain's reputation."

Al-Wefaq called on the Bahraini people "to continue their peaceful work and wide popular participation and attendance in peaceful national events as well as expressing our concerns and issues and supporting the oppressed among the people."

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