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Education Ministry Withdraws English Textbook that Included “Persian Gulf” Term

2018-02-13 - 7:52 p

Bahrain Mirror: Director of Public Relations and Media Fawaz Al-Shurouqi said that the ministry had contracted with an overseas establishment to print English textbooks for third graders. The competent parties in the ministry delivered the material for the work, including a map of the Arabian Gulf, and the textbooks were printed. However, at the time of distributing them, it was discovered that the Arabian Gulf map was replaced with another map that named the Arabian Gulf as the "Persian Gulf," he said

He added that the discrepancy was spotted at the time of distributing the textbooks to students. The ministry took the necessary measures in this regard, including making the establishment take full responsibility for the error. The institution sent a representative to the ministry to offer an apology, corrected the error and re-printed 17,000 copies of the textbooks. The new textbooks have been distributed to the schools.

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