Council of Ministers Assistant Undersecretary Describes Ateyatalla as Dog, Challenges Parliament Speaker

2018-02-07 - 10:26 p

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: Council of Minister Assistant Undersecretary Ibrahim Al Dosari described Minister of the Royal Court for Follow up Affairs Ahmed bin Ateyatalla Al Khalifa as a "dog", as shown in leaked conversations between him and MP Anas Bouhendi and director of information affairs at PM office Mohamad Al-Muhaimeed.

A twitter account created on Thursday (February 1, 2018) revealed conversations held between Al-Dosari and Buohendi via their twitter accounts, in which they were talking about scandals related to MPs, including Ahmad Al-Mulla who is backed by Ahmed Ateyatalla.

Both of Al-Dosari and Bouhendi shut down their accounts after @Emp-bahrain account started to publish their conversations.

The account published screenshots of the conversations held between the two through which they were agreeing on forming a team to publish the information they have about the Parliament speaker Ahmad Al-Mullah and MPs Khalid Al-Shaer and Jamal Bouhassan.

Al-Dosari asked Bouhendi to use nicknames for posting this information. He added "I will form a team of trustworthy people, because if the dogs knew their masters, they will harm me more than they did before (...). They fought me through my livelihood and family."

Al-Dosari was likely referring to minister Ahmed Ateyatalla.

The chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs Abdullah Bin Huwail had already described the Parliament Speaker Ahmad Al-Mulla as "a toy in the hands of Ateyatallah".

Al-Dosari accused the Parliament speaker of having a private relationship with one of his female employees.

He added in an another conversation that Khalid Al-Shaer is accused of embezzling $2.5 million from a Saudi company, and that he cannot go to Mecca because there is an arrest order against him, further stating that he attends the Parliament session drunk.

Among the information mentioned by Al-Dosari, he said that MP Jamal Bouhassan is accused of embezzling funds during his tenure as director of financial affairs at the Al-Mahaba Bridge Foundation, which was supposed to link him to Qatar.

The conversations conducted between Al-Muhaimeed and Bouhendi included severe criticism of the Bahraini King, as Al-Muhaimeed said "Bahrain's King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa is allowing the corruptors to get closer." However, Bouhendi replied by saying "the King doesn't know about the hidden things and ferocity in his retinue," in reference to the royal court.

For his part, MP Khalid Al-Shaer demanded "the competent parties in the kingdom to conduct an immediate investigation into the embezzled properties and forging of official documents with Ibrahim Al-Dosari."

Al-Dosari owns Al-Reem center in Riffa. Information says that its land was allocated to build a school before he took control over it.


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