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Bahrain: Wide Security Campaign Leads to Arrest of Over 20 Citizens, Including Shiite Cleric

2018-01-23 - 9:07 p

Bahrain Mirror-Exclusive: The Bahraini security authorities launched a wide campaign today at dawn, arresting more than 20 citizens from different villages across Bahrain.

Shiite cleric Sayed Adnan Sayed Hashim, from Diraz, was among those who were arrested. He was arrested by Commandos forces affiliated to Ministry of Interior and taken to unknown place.

Besides, Fadhel Abbas, Khalil Ibrahim Abdulrasoul, Hamza Fuad Al-Shihabi and Hussein Mohammad Saleh Al-Mutawa were arrested from Diraz.

A raid carried out on A'ali village led to the arrest of "Sayed Ibrahim Sayed Hassan, Haidar Al-Shogal, Bader Al-Shimlan, Mahmoud Al-Saibai, Mahmoud Ali Ahmad, and Hussein Al-Tabbakh." Youth Mohammad Abdulhussein was arrested at Bahrain International Airport upon returning to Bahrain.

The authorities arrested Yasser Mohammad Shamlouh, Abbas Radhi and Jassim Mohammad Al-Eskafi from Tubli. However, Hassan Abed Ali from Al-Samaheej was re-arrested one day following his release in dispersing Diraz raid case. His brother Hussein Abed Ali was arrested in the campaign too.

The authorities also raided today at dawn Barbar village and arrested Sayed Ali Majed. They also arrested Mahdi Isa Al-Mari from Maqaba, Ali Abdulhussein Mansour from Al-Daih and Jawad Abdulhadi from Bilad Al-Qadeem.

Activists say that this list is not final, as there are some citizens who were arrested and their names haven't been known yet.

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