Court Rejects Appeal, Upholds 10-Year Prison Sentence in Sitra Bombing Case

2018-01-20 - 10:56 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini High Criminal Court of Appeal rejected the appeal of a Bahraini convicted among nine others of planting and detonating a bomb near Sitra Post, having possession of explosives and attempted murder of policemen. The court of first instance had sentenced him to 10 years in prison.

The High Criminal Court of Appeal rejected and dismissed an appeal of a convict, out of nine accused in a case of attempted murder of a lieutenant colonel in the Sitra area using a homemade explosive device which they detonated after luring him and the remaining policemen. The lieutenant; however, underwent necessary hospital treatment after suffering injuries.

The same court had rejected earlier the appeals of six out of the nine defendants, and upheld life sentences against two of them and 10-year prison terms against the four others.

The court said that the defendants were found guilty of:

First: Attempted premeditated murder, on 22 March 2014, of the lieutenant and intended to use violence in all means against the General Security Forces, and kill any of them, and prepared Molotov cocktails and an explosive device, planted it on the road and ambushed the police, who gathered in the area. When the police were handling them, they detonated the explosive device intending to kill any of them, leading to the injury of the victim.

Second: Detonating an explosive device to intimidate the residents of the area for terrorist purposes.

Third: Acquiring and having possession of explosives without license from the Interior Ministry for the purpose of using them in an act disturbing public security and for terrorist purposes as well.

Fourth: Taking part in an assembly of more than five people, using violence to achieve the aim for which they gathered.

Five: Acquiring and having possession of inflammable bottles (Molotov cocktails) for the purpose of endangering people's lives and properties.

It is worth to note that the first instance court sentenced three of the nine defendants to life imprisonment, while sentencing the remaining six to 10 years, and ordered the confiscation of seized objects.

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