15-Year Jail Term against 3 Defendants Accused of Causing Blast that Led to Injuring 4 Policemen in Al-Qarya

2018-01-11 - 9:13 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Appeals Criminal Court upheld a 15-year jail term against 3 suspects out of 7, over a case of causing a blast that led to injuring 4 policemen in Al-Qarya, for not attending the appeals sessions.

The authorities claim that they received a notice stating that 7 tires and 4 garbage cans have been set to fire. The security forces headed to scene and while attempting to extinguish the fire, a strange body exploded and injured 4 security men who were transferred to the hospital to receive needed treatment. Investigations led to the suspect who admitted committing the crime and led the police to other suspects.

The first-instance court sentenced 7 defendants to 15 years in prison, 3 appellants appealed the sentence and didn't attend their session before the appeals court. The court, thus, rejected the appeals and upheld the sentence.

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