Appeals: 15-Year Jail Term Handed down to 2 Defendants Accused of Assembling, Attacking Officer and Policeman in Diraz

2018-01-11 - 3:11 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Appeals Criminal Court upheld a 15-year jail against 2 defendants accused of attacking an officer and policeman in Diraz, arsoning, acquiring arms, assembling, committing riots and acquiring Molotov.

A first-instance court had sentenced 16 suspects to 15 years in prison. The first and second suspects appealed the verdict. The court, however, accepted the appeals in form, rejected it in substance and upheld the verdict.

The authorities claim that Diraz village witnessed popular protests, thus, security forces headed to the area to deal with the protestors. The defendants attacked the forces using locally-made shotgun pellets, Molotov, stones and metal rods. Two of the security men sustained injuries as a result of the pellets and were transferred to the hospital to receive needed treatment. The Criminal Investigation Department conducted its investigations, reached the suspects, arrested a number of them and presented them to the Public Prosecution.

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