Editorial- Bahrain 2017: The Barren Sacrifice

2018-01-06 - 7:27 p

Bahrain Mirror - Exclusive: The Bahraini authorities launched last year executing 3 young dissidents in politically-motivated cases, followed by the killing of 5 peaceful protesters in Diraz outside the house of Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim.

The cherry on top was on December 25, when the Military Court issued a death sentence against 6 Bahrainis. Bahrain's Ministry of Interior claimed that they had formed a terrorist cell which planned to assassinate the Bahrain Defense Forces Commander-In-Chief, and ordered the revocation of their citizenships, along with 7 others.

Bahrain truly deserves to be dubbed "reaper of lives".

Through this practice, it is abandoning its major role in providing the necessary requirements for its citizens to practice their freedoms and live in peace and security, and instead practices power to terrorize and humiliate them.

The Bahrain experience is an example for the violence practices by the state against its people. This could be a specimen for the states taught by Paul Dumouchel in his book (The Barren Sacrifice) which argues the scandal that "comes from the contradiction between the official function of the state, namely, protection of its members, and policies that target the extermination of a very large number of those members".

Sacrificing citizens does not protect other citizens' security, nor does it protect the state's sovereignty or its monopoly of violence, it rather opens the door for rights organizations, states, and counter-violence forces to interfere. The state would therefore lose its security, peace, and stability. This is a barren sacrifice; it is more likely suicide, or stabbing oneself.

The authorities in Bahrain used all kinds of barren sacrifices against its citizens: accusing citizens of hiding weapons and fugitives, feeding protesters. They also sent armed gangs and police to families of opposition figures, turned peaceful protests to terrorist ones, sentencing convicts to death, life sentences, and citizenship revocation.

This is how the ruling family secures itself from evil, through barbarically sacrificing its citizens, thinking this would repel evil phantoms, the Army of the Dead, the Children of the Forest, and the White Walkers; from the blockbuster TV series Game of Thrones.

It is the violence which the ruling family uses for its own good. This violence expands the profits of groups at the expense of other groups, but it destroys the state treasury and forces it to beg its employees' monthly salaries from other countries, which weaken its sovereignty. This violence is unlike the violence used by the state to establish order, unify society and eradicate destructive chaos.

The bankruptcy that we approached is the result of this barren sacrifice that is reaping the lives of the citizens.

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