Court Refuses Objection of Inmate, Upholds 3-Year Jail Term against Him over “Attacking Policeman”

2017-12-26 - 8:48 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Fourth High Criminal Court considered the objection of an inmate "32 years", convicted of attacking policeman and sabotaging the room contents of an officer in "Jaw Prison", void, for not attending the session. The suspect had been sentenced to 3 years in jail.

The Public Prosecution received a statement from Jaw Prison's administration stating that the accused inmate attacked a policeman, sabotaged the landline phone, office's curtain and water cooler, hurt himself, insulted and pushed the policeman.

The suspect also used a razor he hid in his mouth and injured the victim in his right hand. He also kicked the victim and hit his head several times to one of the desks.

The suspect was summoned for investigation the following day, however, he said that he doesn't remember anything about the incident. He also stated that he doesn't know the victim, claiming that he hasn't seen him before. Thus, the prosecution decided to release him under the guarantee of his domicile place, if he is not imprisoned or wanted over other cases.

The policeman claimed that in 2015, while he was performing his job in the Reform and Rehabilitation Directorate in Jaw Prison, and while he was leaving "Al-Amal" building specified for detainees sentenced to long prison terms, he saw the (suspect) inmate standing outside the administration building and calling him. He said the suspect was handcuffed and was standing alone unguarded.

After the victim reached the suspect, the latter asked him whether he was responsible for visitation building previously or not. The victim replied saying yes, and he was surprised to see the suspect getting a razor out of his mouth and trying to attack him.

The victim could catch the suspect and put him in duty officer's room. The suspect started to kick and hit the victim, he also sabotaged the office's table, landline phone and curtain. After the victim could control the suspect, he went to the administration to get a medical report about the injury and bruises he received.


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