Bahrain’s King Sponsors & Politically Covers Event of Association that Sent Delegation to Visit Israel

2017-12-18 - 10:12 p

Bahrain Mirror: An event marking National Day Holiday was held by the "This is Bahrain" Association at the Bahrain National Stadium on Friday, which was sponsored by the King of Bahrain, Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. This sponsorship constitutes a political cover for the this association, which sent a delegation to visit "Israel", resulting in public condemnation and outrage inside and outside the island kingdom. There were also demands for holding its members accountable for this visit. However, some of the MPs, who called for holding the association accountable, are expected to swallow their tongues following this royal sponsorship of the association's event, only days after its delegation returned from Israel.

Ironically, the Minister who represented the King in the event was the Minister of Labor and Social Development, Jamil bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan, who denied just a few days ago that the association is subject to his ministry's authority. In his statement to Al-Watan newspaper closely linked to the Royal Court, Humaidan denied that "This is Bahrain" was among the associations under his ministry's supervision, pointing out "the possibility of it being affiliated to other parties".

The Minister refused to comment on what was reported by the media that the official Gazette archives did not include the decision licensing the association. He told al-Watan that "the association is not one of the bodies subject to the supervision of the ministry," noting that there are several types and forms of associations, and it might be categorized under the domain of other parties."

It is worth noting that the Association officially revealed itself last May in a ceremony attended by the Minister of Labor and Social Development Jamil Humaidan.

The association's most recent event was attended by a large number of embassies, as many as twenty embassies participated in the celebration. The Minister of Labor and Social Development stressed during the event that "the King's gracious sponsorship of such activities is an expression of the fatherly support and embrace of this outstanding harmony and tolerance." Betsy Mathieson‏, who headed the delegation to Israel, appeared in a picture standing shoulder to shoulder with the Minister of Labor and Social Development who was the King's representative at the event.

In a gesture that may indicate that the Minister backed down on his statement that his ministry is not responsible for "This is Bahrain" association, the Minister stressed that the Ministry of Labor and Social Development contributes to providing facilitations and facilitating procedures for various religious associations and institutions that fall under its umbrella and within the scope of its responsibilities and competencies, from its keenness to achieve integration in the social work system and support community partnership.


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