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Bahrain Health Minister Warns against Accepting Scholarships Offered by Foreign Embassies

2017-12-15 - 7:54 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Minister of Health, Faeqa Al-Saleh, issued a decree prohibiting all employees from accepting education scholarships and training courses offered by embassies operating in Bahrain, as part of a new procedure aimed at preventing Bahraini doctors from benefiting from these services.

The decision also prohibits accepting any international scholarships or services offered by international, regional or other organizations as well as countries that do not have diplomatic or consular missions in Bahrain without the prior approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Minister noted a decision issued by the Cabinet banning Civil Service employees from benefiting from education scholarships provided by foreign embassies.

The Minister of Health urged all employees who wish to receive international scholarships, regular scholarships, or offer their temporary services, consultations or other work to any country or international or regional organization to refrain from doing so without permission, warning that "doing such work without obtaining prior approval is considered a step outside the limits of their duty which subjects the perpetrators to legal accountability".

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