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Maytham Al-Salman: Sheikh Isa Qassim Suffers from New Illnesses since House Arrest, He Suffers from Continuous Bleeding

2017-11-30 - 11:07 p

Bahrain Mirror-Exclusive: Sheikh Maytham Al-Salman said that the spiritual leader of Shia majority Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim is "facing a slow death" due to being prevented from his right to treatment by the party he trusts. Al-Salman revealed that Sheikh Qassim has suffered from new diseases since the house arrest was imposed on him besides the continuous bleeding he suffers from.

In a press conference held in Beirut, on Thursday (November 30, 2017), Al-Salman stressed that Sheikh Isa Qassim's weight has dropped to under 50 kg. He suffers from "hernia in a sensitive area. This hernia became larger and requires a medical surgery."

"Sheikh Isa hasn't been able to see specialized doctors freely, due to the siege imposed on his village, Diraz, and the house arrest," he added.

Al-Salman went on to say that "Sheikh Isa can't sit properly and bleeds when relieving himself. There is something wrong behind this continuous bleeding."

Sheikh Maytham called on the international community to pressure the government to put an end to Sheikh Isa Qassim's sufferings and urged the "United Nations, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Special Rapporteur on the right to health, Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief to directly contribute to putting an end to the Bahraini authorities juggling with Sheikh Qassim's right to treatment and transportation."

He also called on the Bahraini government to "immediately lift the siege on Diraz village and lift the house arrest imposed on Sheikh Isa Qassim," noting that hindering his treatment reflects the government's intention to obstruct national reconciliation.

As for the statements of Taqi Al-Zeera regarding what happened yesterday with the ambulances, Al-Salman said "the ambulances that arrived to Sheikh Isa's house came suddenly. There was a clear security disarray that took place in the armored vehicles surrounding the house," indicating that the ambulance that came was accompanied by a military team to record everything. Some of the staff were in the ambulance too."

"If it was a matter of treating the Sheikh, there would be clear indicators like coordinating with Sheikh Isa's private medical team," Al-Salman went on to say.

Concluding his statement, he said that the Al-Zeera's narrative shows that Sheikh Isa Qassim's treatment needs "permission from the king and minister of interior, if not then what made the hospital president call these parties to take permission to treat this patient in a critical condition?"

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