Appeals Court Upholds One-Year Jail Term against Bahraini Woman over Charge of Injuring Policewoman

2017-11-15 - 9:14 p

Bahrain Mirror: The High Appeals Court rejected an objection submitted by a Bahraini woman over her one-year jail term based on a charge of causing injuries to a policewoman who tried to apprehend the suspect.

The suspect is wanted over cases. On the incident day, the suspect was present in one of the activities held in the capital, Manama. The victim policewoman saw the suspect and asked her to present her housing card. However, the suspect claimed that the card is in her car and asked the policewoman to accompany her to the car to bring the card. As soon as the suspect entered the car, she turned it on and attempted to flee.

The policewoman held to the driver's door that was open. However, the suspect drove her car in attempt to run way until the policewoman fell to the ground and sustained bruises on various parts of her body

The public prosecution referred the defendant to trial. The first-instance court sentenced her to 3 years in prison. However, she challenged the sentence and the appeals court accepted it in from and commuted her sentence to one year in prison only. The defendant then objected the sentence, but the court rejected the objection and upheld the verdict.

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