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Int’l HR Report Reveals UAE Use of Bahraini Isa Al-Arabi to Cover Unethical Activities

2017-09-25 - 5:33 p

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: An international research concluded that a key local Emirate organization called, "Arab Federation for Human Rights (ARABFHR)" has been bribing NGOs and individuals to influence the United Nations Human Rights Council stances and decisions.

The Independent United Nations Watch (IUNW) published Sunday an executive summary of an investigation it carried out about the civil society institutions working on the sideline of the HRC works in the UN.

The report accused the Emirates of using the federation, chaired by Bahraini Isa Al-Arabi brother of leader in the National Unity Naji Al-Arabi, to cover its unethical activities.

IUNW has checked with company's registrar in Switzerland and found no record of the ARABFHR at all. Thus, the organization has been operating illegally, where it channels money by unknown means which is against the financial regulations in Europe and in Switzerland. The practice of this NGO can also be described as money laundry and corruption promotion.

One organization CEO told our researchers, "I was approached by two gentlemen, one of them introduced himself as the coordinator of the organization named ARABFHR. With all audacity and insolence; they offered me money in return of hosting an event to link Qatar with terrorism."

"They also wanted us to deliver an oral statement that tackle the same matter. I have been at the council for over a decade, I have never witnessed such rude behavior. The council should investigate this organization and their actions at the council," he further stated.

It is to mention the federation also works against the Bahraini civil delegation in Geneva and tries to block its efforts in cooperating with the human rights council.

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