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Bahrain Mirror Publishes Excerpts from Bahrainís Official Response to Geneva Recommendations: Govít Rejects Implementation of 36 Recommendations

2017-09-23 - 12:18 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Bahrain expressed its rejection of the implementation of 36 recommendations that the Human Rights Council had recommended to Manama on May 5, during a periodic discussion of the human rights situation in the country.

Bahrain Mirror reviewed a copy of the report submitted by the Government of Bahrain. A human rights source described the government's responses as "loose and meager".

Among the recommendations Bahrain rejected was allowing international rapporteurs and UN teams to enter the country. The government reiterated that it had completed the implementation of the BICI recommendations last year, but that the member states of the Human Rights Council were still demanding that Bahrain carries out a serious implementation.

Responding to demands to stop revoking the nationalities of Bahraini nationals, the government report said that the revocation of citizenship is practiced in accordance with Bahraini laws.

In response to the recommendations on freedom of expression and press, the report claimed that Bahrain did not detain or imprison any journalist.

As for Bahrain's address of sectarian discrimination issues, the report said that the government held an event called "For Unity" organized by the Ministry of Social Development, and included art programs and competitions.

On discrimination in employment, the report responded by stating that the Government had established a "job information" center to receive requests for job seekers.
The Shiite majority in the country complains of being deprived of employment and opportunities to attain senior government positions, stressing that the Government naturalizes Pakistanis, Syrians, and Yemenis and recruits them in the Bahraini army and police forces.

The report merely stated that the Government had established a Commission for the Rights of Prisoners in response to recommendations to put an end of torture and reports on the treatment of prisoners.

Bahrain also refused to stop the death penalty and said it has imposed it on a small and limited number of people.

The report added that the dissolution of the political societies was in accordance with the law.

The report also reiterated the Ministry of Justice's claims regarding the dissolution of the National Democratic Action Society "Wa'ad".

The report also supported the decision to broaden the military jurisdiction to try civilians under the pretext of "expanding military operations both inside and outside the country."


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