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Bahraini Public Prosecution Charges 4 Activists with “Illegal Assembly”

2017-09-16 - 2:44 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini public prosecution office charged four activists with "illegal assembly" after interrogating the activists in the authorities' latest campaign launched against rights defenders in Bahrain.

The authorities had summoned activists Zainab Al Khamis, Munther Al-Khor, Rayhana Al-Moussawi and her husband Talal Al-Alawi for interrogation.

Prosecutor Khaled Al-Tamimi interrogated the four activists at the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation, and then charged them all with "assembly".

The authorities had recently banned former Wa'ad Society Secretary-General Radhi Al-Mousawi and activist Fatima Al-Halawaji from leaving the country in a wave of travel ban orders issued on 30 August.


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