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Bahrainís Criminal Investigation Directorate Summons Martyr Ali al-Singaceís Father for Interrogation

2017-09-05 - 7:34 am

Bahrain Mirror: The General Directorate of Investigation and Criminal Evidence summoned on Monday (September 4, 2017) the father of martyr Ali al-Singace for interrogation, without revealing the reasons for the summons.

According to the summons sent to the house of Abdul-Shahid al-Singace, the authorities asked him to appear at the General Directorate of Investigation and Criminal Evidence compound "immediately."

The authorities executed Ali al-Singace and the two youths Abbas al-Samie and Sami Mushaima in January 2017 for political reasons.

Early on Monday, Interior Ministry forces raided the house of martyr Sami Mushaima and arrested his brother Abbas, according to activists.

Bahraini authorities have launched a brutal crackdown campaign against activists, families of martyrs and clerics in the country.


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