Law Graduates’ Salaries in Bahrain 100 BD

2017-08-07 - 3:00 p

Bahrain Mirror: Law graduates in Bahrain complained about the difficulties they suffer from during their training period that is considered a condition to receive a license to practice law. They said that they receive low wages, reaching sometimes 100 BD as well as what they consider "belittlement" by other lawyers and being treated as reporters or transition brokers.

A graduate told Al-Ayam local newspaper about the situation lawyers under training suffer from, saying "many lawyers take advantage of the graduates desire to receive a license to practice law through giving them very low wages, although the graduate deserves 400 BD as a minimum wage. However, the wages reach in some cases 100 or 150 BD."

He further stated that the reason behind the law wages presented to the lawyers under training is that many law offices depend on the salary support program presented by Ministry of Labor and Social Development. Thus, the office gives the trainee 200 BD and promises him to pay the rest of the salary after receiving the money form the ministry, and this is causing the graduate a financial crisis.

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