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Salafist Group in Bahrain Demands Transformation of Shiite Mosque into Security Region

2017-07-08 - 7:21 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Salafist Al-Asalah Society in Bahrain demanded to transform a Shiite shrine into a security region, in the most recent violation to religious rights of Shia who complain about sectarian persecution.

Al-Asalah condemned the visit of head of Jaffaria Endowments (Waqf) Sheikh Mohsen Al-Asfour's visit to the shrine of Ibrahim bin Malek Al Ashtar (he died in 690 AD and was buried in Askar village, south of Bahrain).

Shiites are blessed with the shrine, they used to live in nearby villages to take care of it before they abandon them 200 years ago.

Al-Asalah said "it is better to transform the island into a security region to the coast guard and not to leave it abandoned".

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