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Parliament Passes Urgent Proposal to Adopt Legal Measures against Names Mentioned in Published Phone Call

2017-06-23 - 3:36 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini parliament passed (Tuesday June 20, 2017) an urgent proposal to pursue all those whose names were mentioned in the phone call recently broadcasted on Bahrain TV. The phone conversation was between al-Wefaq leader Sheikh Hasan Sultan, and a Qatari official in March 2011.

The MPs who presented the proposal, Khaled al-Shaer, Mohammad al-Jodar, Ali Bufarsan, Ahmad Qarata, Ibrahim Al-Hammadi, Abdul Rahman Bu Majeed, said that Bahrain was able to maintain the country's security and stability. They added that everyone following with great resentment the conversation broadcasted by the Bahrain TV, between the Qatari Emir's advisor Hamad Al-Atiyeh, and Hasan Sultan in 2011. The MPs claimed that this conversation shows the level of conspiracy practiced by Qatar with the terrorists against the Kingdom of Bahrain, in an attempt to destabilize the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Moreover, they claimed that what Qatar did was a violation of all international covenants and those of the Gulf Cooperation Council and Arab League. They stressed that conspiring against the Kingdom of Bahrain should be met by strict laws.

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