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Wa’ad Affirms Legal Position, Says Dissolution Leads to Abortion of Public Political Action in Bahrain

2017-06-04 - 9:57 p

Bahrain Mirror: The National Democratic Action Society, Wa'ad, regretted the decision by High Administrative Civil Court issued May 31, 2017, ruling the dissolution of the society and the liquidation of its assets.

It believed that such decision "will lead to the abortion of public political action in Bahrain, further complicates the already complicated political scene, and increases the tension in the country." Moreover, it said its dissolution would foil any attempts to reform the economic, political and social situations, and eradicates the other opinion.

In addition, Wa'ad said in its statement, that what happened Wednesday (May 31) in its headquarters by security authorities is "part of the unjustified security escalation, which does not stand on any legal basis." Security forces surrounded Wa'ad headquarters in Umm Al Hassam, and prevented members and friends from entering, to take part in a press conference to discuss the verdict and hold an annual Ramadan gathering.

Wa'ad believed that the lawsuit raised by the Minister of Justice is political, affirming that it will resort to all judicial levels in the Courts of Appeal and Cassation, to defend its firm legal position.

The Bahraini opposition society confirmed its adherence to defending the people's interests, regardless of their sect, ethnicity or race, reiterating its rejection to the marginalization or eradication of any political or social component.

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