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Bahraini Court Rules “Wa’ad” Society Dissolution, Liquidation of Assets

2017-05-31 - 5:08 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Administrative court ruled on Wednesday (May 31, 2017) the dissolution of National Democratic Action Society - Wa'ad, and the liquidation of its assets.

According to the judgment, Wa'ad's assets after liquidation will go to the state treasury, while Wa'ad Society is expected to pay for the expenses.

Bahrain's Ministry of Justice had raised a lawsuit against Wa'ad Society to dissolve it.

Wa'ad Society is the third opposition association to be dissolved since the outbreak of the mass protests in the country in 2011, following the Islamic Action Society (Amal), and al-Wefaq - National Islamic Society, Bahrain's biggest opposition societies dissolved last year.

On this level, an informed lawyer said that the decision does not hold any state of urgency, saying that authorities will not resort to dissolution measures. He clarified that the execution of the verdict will be after a decision from the Supreme Court of Appeal, and when the decision becomes irrevocable

For his part, former Secretary General of Wa'ad Society, Radhi Al-Mosawi, said through his twitter account, that dissolving Wa'ad society is "a clear beginning to tending public political action in Bahrain". He added that the decision promotes the "abortion of political and economic reform in Bahrain."

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