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Wa’ad Demands Withdrawal of Security Forces from Diraz, Transparent Investigation into Killing of 5 Martyrs

2017-05-27 - 8:57 p

Bahrain Mirror: The National Democratic Action Society (Wa'ad) demanded the authorities to withdraw the security forces from Diraz, stop the violations against Diraz residents and release the detainees. Wa'ad also called to conduct a transparent investigation into the killing of 5 martyrs and unveil the fate of the other injured.

Wa'ad said in a statement that "the development of dangerous incidents due to security forces raiding the village of Diraz and dispersing the peaceful sit-in in front of Sheikh Isa Qassim's house has sparked panic and hurt citizens and free people all over the world due to the loss of blood, lives and properties caused. Excessive force was used in the raid which led to the martyrdom of five youths, and injuring of dozens whom their parents know nothing about them after the security authorities arrested 286 citizens, without disclosing their place of detention and preventing them from meeting their families." The society added "this is considered a clear constitutional and legal violation. It is also a serious breach of basic human rights that are internationally recognized."

It further stated "the circulated videos and photos on social media over the past three days and the horrifying narratives about Diraz Raid and about leaving injured people bleeding due to the internationally banned birdshot requires an immediate, independent and transparent investigation into what happened and is happening, as people say that the security barriers were intensified in the village and that raid and arrest campaigns continued." Wa'ad demanded the withdrawal of security forces deployed in Diraz and lifting of barriers that disrupted the interests of citizens and residents of the village for over 10 months.

The society stressed that at the time it expresses satisfaction regarding releasing some of the detainees, it highlights the need to immediately release the remaining detainees who were arrested on the background of the raid and to disclose the names of the injured.

The National Democratic Action Society called on at the end of its statement the media outlets that incite hatred and divide the components of society to stop this disgraceful act which lacks the simplest human relations, stressing that the adoption of the security solution to address the political, economic and social crisis lacks means of success, and that a serious national dialogue would avoid our country woes. The society stressed on continuing the peaceful struggle and rejecting all forms of violence.

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