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Bahrain Slams UN High Commissioner and Intíl Organizations in UPR Session

2017-05-01 - 5:47 p

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: The government of Bahrain delivered a speech in front of the human rights council and slammed the UN High Commissioner and human rights organizations.

In a speech delivered by Bahrain's Assistant Foreign Minister Abdulla Al-Dosari on Monday (May 1, 2017) in front of the 27th session of the Universal Periodic Review, he said that his country dealt positively with 2012 Geneva recommendations.

Al-Dosari claimed that Bahrain rejected some of the Geneva recommendations because "they contradict with Islamic Sharia and need further examination".

He attacked a document issued by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) against Bahrain, saying that it held false allegations against his country.

He alleged that "Impunity has no place in Bahrain," and that "the Constitutional amendments conducted by Bahrain promoted the power of parliament."

Al-Dosari went on to say that there are 107 licensed societies in Bahrain. Speaking about human rights, he said that "The government put a strategy to promote human rights in the country"

During his intervention, Al-Dosari attacked the international human rights organizations that criticized his country's human rights record, accusing them of being "politicized and unauthentic". He claimed that Bahrain represents a model in ensuring complete practice of religious rituals and shed the light on the number of obsequies and mosques affiliated to Shia in the country.

Bahrain's Assistant Foreign Minister Abdulla Al-Dosari stated that Bahrain "faces foreign interference and an increase in sectarian extremism. Meanwhile, the government restrained itself in light of many events occurring in the country, noting that 20 security men were killed, while 4000 were injured in the past years."

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