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“Wa’ad” Deputy SG: Our Religion, Values Plead for Mercy Upon all Bloods Shed, despite Disagreements

2017-04-29 - 4:12 am

Bahrain Mirror: Deputy Secretary General of The National Democratic Action Society - Wa'ad, Mahmoud Hafez, said that "Wa'ad's philosophy is based on reform and peace, and the open approach was not a diplomacy we practice or a tactic, but rather a strategic choice we openly do."

In a symposium held at the society's headquarters Wednesday night (April 26, 2017), Hafez said, "The lawsuit raised against Wa'ad Society at the high administrative court, and adjourned (until April 30, 2017) would only be resolved by the government. It is the only one that could resolve the matter and open horizons for a democratic future and freedom of opposition political work."

"The situation we are living in cannot be described as a crisis, as it is much deeper. (...) Its solution is not possible or done by one party that takes its solo decisions. This is everyone's responsibility in our society. That is why the solution to this dilemma should include all social components and actors in all their political affiliations. The rulers are the primary players that have the initiative to resolve the existing problem," Wa'ad deputy secretary general went on to say.

"Our religion, culture and values call on us to plead for mercy upon all blood that was shed on the land of this country, even if we disagree with them in belief, opinion and action," Hafez added.

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