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Shura Council Unanimously Approves Decree “Amending NIHR’s Provisions”

2017-03-12 - 9:04 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Shura Council unanimously approved in its session on Sunday (March 12, 2017) a decree law amending provisions of establishing the National Institution for Human Rights.

The decree allows selecting members of NIHR's Council of Commissioners from members of the legislative authorities, noting that they shall not form a majority in the Council of Commissioners, and they can participate in the discussion as non-voting. Besides, a Royal decree shall be issued to determine the mechanisms, procedures and the selection process of members of the Council of Commissioners.

The decree stipulates that full-time and part-time members shall be in the Council of Commissioners and that they have to be granted the right to perform announced and unannounced field visits to monitor human rights situation in detention centers. It also stipulates binding the official bodies to prepare the responses and comments on the institutions' report.

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